About Us

About Us

Do you need to ship your household items, a car, boxes, a truck or heavy equipment from the USA to any country in Africa? Do you need a reliable and professional transportation partner for your business? ONEWAY GROUP LTD can be your “one-stop” agency for all your transportation needs to Africa. We have dedicated employees with outstanding customer support and guarantee best prices no matter how small or large your transportation project may be. CONTACT US TODAY or call us at 770.376.7522 and we would be most delighted to serve you. Your satisfaction is our top priority and it is guaranteed!

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We are very proud to ship to Douala, Cameroon, from the USA.


What do you ship?

We ship your household items, a car, boxes, a truck or heavy equipment etc. and delivery at its destination.

From where to where you handle the shipments?

We handle the shipments from the USA to any country that is located in Africa.

After payment here, will I have to pay extra charges at pickup?

One way Group does not charge anything else at pickup once packages are picked up on time.

How to arrange local pickups?

To arrange for local pickups in Cameroon, please call on: +237.661.268.990, +237.676.890.437, +237.652.342.721

After payment here, will I have to pay extra charges at pickup?

Oneway Group does not charge anything else at pickup once packages are picked up on time.

Where is your warehouse located?

OneWay Group Ltd.'s warehouse in Cameroon is opposite Total Petrol Station in Ndobo, Bonaberi, Douala.


C'est toujours un plaisir de saluer un camerounais qui dans son business sert d'exemple. Emmanuel Fonji et le ONEWAY GROUP sont une fierte pour les camerounais residents des USA. Apres une annee de succes dans Notre partenariat, je peux saluer ce natif de notre cher pays pour le role vital de liaison qu'il joue avec brio entre nous autres et les membres de nos familles respectives en Afrique. Un professionalisme et un sens de responsabilite qu'il ya longtemps n'entrent plus dans le registre des qualites des africains .Que Dieu te benisse et te permette de Prosperer tous les jours toute la vie durant. Even if shipping from California cost me more, Oneway group peace mind is worth every dollar. On behalf of my family back home i would like to thank you and celebrate your parents because they raise you well... Thanks for making a difference!

Tiburs T Aloa Los Angeles, CA

I want to commend you for your formidable service to Cameroonians shipping goods to Cameroon. My family and businesses that received shipments I sent through you were amazed by your Timeliness, Accuracy, Reliability, Customer service, Friendliness, Professionalism, and near Perfect delivery service. To crown it all, your Prices were so affordable and your Customer Interaction was constant. I cannot hide my personal satisfaction and do not hesitate to strongly RECOMMEND your services to anyone who intends to ship to Cameroon. We need more business professionals like yourselves in our community. I look forward to shipping with you again. Legal Service Consultant 404-399-3095 www.esitedirect.com

Tedonzong Tchoutezo Atlanta, GA

I am Proud to trust "One Way Group LTD" in counseling and shipment of my goods to Cameroon! I have used their services several times and my families at home have been so appreciative of the excellent customer service they receive. Shipping! Shipping! Shipping! One Way Group, Long Life... Thank you!

Yves Tchoudja Marietta, GA

Thanks a lot for assisting me with getting my container to Cameroon. As a first time shipper, I was nervous at times, about the process. I appreciate your professionalism in dealing with all my anxieties and making me comfortable. I also appreciate your care and concern in ensuring that I was informed in every step along the way, and your efforts to secure good deals for me. These are the things that make your business grow and make you appreciated by your customers. GREAT JOB!!! The fact that you provided or arranged for auxilary services such as loading the container, helping me buy a container and connecting me to a "Clearing Agency" in Cameroon further demonstrate that your company cares about its customers. This is something you should highlight to your customers, especially those who may have had unpleasant experiences with other shippers. I will continue to spread the word about Oneway Group Shipping. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year 2011. Check out my new book FLOODGATES at www.authorhouse.com and get your copy now.

Dr. Bertrand Fote Charlotte, NC

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