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Dr. Bertrand Fote, Charlotte, NC

Thanks a lot for assisting me with getting my container to Cameroon. As a first time shipper, I was nervous at times, about the process. I appreciate your professionalism in dealing with all my anxieties and making me comfortable. I also appreciate your care and concern in ensuring that I was informed in every step along the way, and your efforts to secure good deals for me. These are the things that make your business grow and make you appreciated by your customers. GREAT JOB!!!

The fact that you provided or arranged for auxilary services such as loading the container, helping me buy a container and connecting me to a "Clearing Agency" in Cameroon further demonstrate that your company cares about its customers. This is something you should highlight to your customers, especially those who may have had unpleasant experiences with other shippers. I will continue to spread the word about Oneway Group Shipping. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year 2011

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